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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance protects your dog or cat against costly accidents and illnesses by reimbursing you for veterinary and emergency bills.

With pet insurance, you never have to choose between an expensive treatment and your pet's life. Protect your four-legged family member with a custom Pet Insurance plan today.

Why You Need It

Every year more than 1 in 3 pets falls ill or is injured. Many are not prepared financially to afford the level of care that modern veterinary medicine provides.

Dogs and cats are susceptible to many accidents and illnesses including muscle strains, lacerations, puncture wounds, car accidents, animal attacks, infections, heat stroke and more.

What It Costs

Pet insurance prices vary but on average you can expect to pay monthly around $35 for dogs and $15 for cats.

There are many discounts available including insuring multiple pets for a multi-pet discount and paying for your policy annually.