Pet insurance protects your pet against costly accidents and illnesses by reimbursing you for expensive veterinary and emergency bills.

Pet insurance is actual insurance, just like for your car or home. This means it works best when it protects you against the unexpected, expensive things that can happen like a torn ACL from playing and running. American Modern Pet Insurance plans cover all the basics that you expect: accidents, illnesses, diagnostic tests, surgery and more.

How American Modern Pet Insurance Works

Sign up for a customized policy and get through the waiting period. Visit any general, specialist or emergency veterinarian when an accident or illness occurs. Pay your veterinarian and complete a claim form with the office staff. Send your claim form in with your dog's medical records and receive reimbursement for your veterinary bills.

Pet insurance is the one thing you can't get when you need it the most. Planning ahead and doing your homework on pet insurance now is essential to getting the best, most comprehensive coverage for your dog or cat before something happens. Start by getting a quote today.